027 – BB (Taiwan)

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Metaformosis 27 with DJ BB

Metaformosis house music radio show, all the music used in the first hour has been created by the freshest independent producers we have found each. With a guest mix from a top Asian based DJ in the second hour.


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Track listings for my mix in the first hour …

01. Barracuda – Follow Me – California, United States

02. Kreap – No Means No (Rize uv Tha Aypes) – Melbourne, Australia

03. Futurewife – Obey – Seattle, United States

04. My Name – Lost Romance – France

05. Tamer Akgul – Smiling Truth – Vancouver, Canada

06. DJ Phunkid – Sunset Flirt – Taipei, Taiwan

07. Andy Kneale – Over the water – Liverpool, Britain (UK)

08. Ludowick – Sketches (Original Mix) — Barcelona, Spain

09. QuestionmarQ – R & S (Original Mix) – Cork, Ireland

10. Pat Split – Orchestral Dance – Buffalo, NY, United States

11. Jonny Bee – Under My Skin (Original Mix) – Milano, Italy

Special guest mix for the second hour…



Originally from Paris, BB started DJing after arriving in Taiwan in 2006 with the modest aim of shaking up the boring and conventional monotony of the local club scene. After a formative period as a resident DJ for the Campo outdoor parties and at the F***ing Place, he joined forces with his friends DataBass and MonkeySun to co-organize EARWORM, an underground electronic party hosted regularly in Taipei since 2008, striving to bring talented DJs to the local ears.


B.B. is not only a huge Brigitte Bardot fan, but also a DJ with broad musical taste and a passion for digging out rare underground records. His sets reflect such eclecticism, ranging from slow-motion disco to acid house, with a touch of “punk DIY attitude” (a cool word to cover for his mixing mistakes) and tongue-in-cheek humor. His favorite DJs and producers include Andrew Weatherall, Ivan Smagghe, Ewan Pearson, Optimo, LCD Soundsystem, Morgan Geist / Metro Area… and thousands of others。