049 – DJ Lucy (Shanghai)

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Metaformosis 49 with DJ Lucy

Metaformosis house music radio show, all the music used in the first hour has been created by the freshest independent producers we have found each. With a guest mix from a top Asian based DJ in the second hour.


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Track listings for my mix in the first hour …


Intro. Futurewife – Obey – USA

01. DJ-KoSMiX – Resonant Earthscape 11.11.11 – Taiwan

02. Ludowick – Cosmic Journey – Spain

03. Blakmotion – The Source – Germany

04. CMYK Records – Beep Beep – USA

05. Blashko – Summer Nite – Croatia

06. Olivaffair – Bad Rendition – UK

07. Onbit – Grooveball – Brazil

08. Rationalizer – Vodka Tourists – Finland

09. Resoluto – Back in the Days – Netherlands

10. Tamer Akgul – Rain – Canada


Special guest mix for the second hour… 

DJ Lucy


Dj Lucy started his dj career whilst studying at university. He states that although he really liked music, he saw his DJ’ing as a hobby. Over the years he has been very lucky and had a lot of opportunities to DJ and practice his skill, as well as develop his own personal unique style.


Being a dj is no longer a hobby anymore, it is a very important professional skill and he is more focused than ever on developing his skills. He says his style of music is just like his own personality, full of energy, passion and fun. In his early djing days he preferred to play Hip Hop、rock、Punk…etc. However, now getting older, his style has developed into more indie sound. He just wants to be a dj who can play the music he likes all within his own unique style.