027 – Paul Barkworth (UK)

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BOOGIE TAIPEI is a weekly nu disco, nu funk and nu boogie house radio show produced in 2 languages (English & Mandarin) at the liaoliao studios deep in the heart of New Taipei city.





Track listings for my mix in the first hour …


Intro. Faze Action – Moving Cities – Nuphonic


01. Morenas – Cuando Brilla Laluna – (Enzo Elia polyglot edit)

Hell Yeah – Oct 24, 2012


02. The Glimmers – U Rocked My World (Herbert & Da Cunha Remix)

Gomma – March, 2012


03. Serge & Tyrell – Pump-o-matic – Clone Holland – Nov, 2012


04. Mercury – You Lift Me Up (Short Version)

Gomma – March, 2012


05. Britton & Roggendorf – Not Before I See You First (Andi De Luxe Remix)

House Of Dikso – Aug, 2012


06. Sare Havlicek ft Hannah Mancini – Vibe On You (Sare’s 115 BPM DUB)

Nang – Nov, 2012


07. Sahin Meyer – Spread Love – Sccucci Manucci – Sept, 2012


08. Tim, Chad & Sherry – The Love I Make (On Marz Red Drummer Mix)

Tirk Records – Oct, 2012


09. Waze & Odyssey – I Can’t Hear You (Dance)

Sccucci Manucci – June, 2012


10. Toomy Disco – The Brush (Original Mix) – Oct, 2012


11. Arthur’s Landing – I Want To Change My Life (Virgin Magnetic Material)

Buddhist Army – Sept, 2012


12. Ilya Santana – Soul Rising – Nang – Dec, 2012


Special guest mix for the second hour…

Paul Barkworth (UK)


Paul’s sets extensively blend his trademark sounds of house with elements of sleaze. He returns once more as a part of his launch of his street life season, which is an ongoing dedication to the British quirk of Electronic music and art.




Paul will add the fun with his exquisite and refined dance euphoria made up of productions and edits including several of his own: a combination of a fascinating labyrinth of rhythmic twists and turns, dirty basslines and unexpected disco riffs which consists of a unique style of House music for “disco-thèque” generation .




Paul has remixed for some great artists this year including PBR Streetgangs, Bonar Bradberry, Crazy P’s Ron Basejam and under his Disco Dirtbox outfit Odyssey and Ilija Rudman. Keep your ears peeled for a new 12 track album coming soon. “Great Music Wears Many Mask!”