038 – Midnight Runners (Indonesia)

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Metaformosis 38 with Midnight Runners

Metaformosis house music radio show, all the music used in the first hour has been created by the freshest independent producers we have found each. With a guest mix from a top Asian based DJ in the second hour.


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Track listings for my mix in the first hour ….

Intro. Futurewife – Obey

01. Willo Schubarth – Your Moves – Colorado, USA

02. Juan Lombardo – Brighter (Original Mix) – Buenos Aires, Argentina

03. ML da Natives – For The Sky (afro soul mix) – South Africa

04. House Emperors – Royal Elements – Mahikeng, South Africa

05. Vincent Schroeder & Mollina – Under Ground – Paris, France – Son Jam Rec

06. Tom Taylor – The Search (Kevin Griffiths Deep South remix) – UK – Bulletdodge Records

07. Bicycle Corporation – Snake charming – Taipei, Taiwan

08. Eddie Hu  – Masonic (Original Mix) – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

09. Kreap – Myami F.L.A – Melbourne, Australia

10. Future Feelings – Odyssey (Dusty Knobs Remix) – Mexico

11. Richard Rossa – Monochrome (Color Version) – Stockholm, Sweden

12. German Ampiee – Winged Pyramid – Malaga, Spain


Track listings for my mix in the first hour …

Midnight Runners


Midnight Runners are a duo with two very different musical backgrounds, but with theircommon love for the disco and boogie sounds it was only a matter of time before the two joined forces. Their interest in sound production and individual skills combined have enabled them to created a unique and distinct character to their sound.


With an arsenal of records, they started crafting songs with disco boogie samples.
Originally manipulating songs with the emphasis on strong instrumental hip-hop grooves. This crosses over to their live performances and the duo have developed a tight and interactive partnership through their controllers and software.


“Controlism” as the boys like to term it… Now don that space helmet!!!


Midnight Runners future release…