024 – Joseph Terruel (Mexico)

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Boogie Taipei 24 with Joseph Terruel (Mexico)

Boogie Taipei 24 with Joseph Terruel

BOOGIE TAIPEI is a weekly nu disco, nu funk and nu boogie house radio show produced in 2 languages (English & Mandarin) at the liaoliao studios deep in the heart of New Taipei city. Taking you through the world of underground nu disco, nu boogie and nu funk that’s being played in all major cities across the world, London, Paris, Berlin and New York to name a few.


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Track listings for my mix in the first hour …


Intro. Faze Action – Moving Cities – Nuphonic

01. Marco Dassi – Swedish love – Hell Yeah Recordings – Sept 5th 2012

02. Toomy Disco – Blues city – Dikso Records – 2010

03. The Glue – Without You (Original Mix) – Sccucci Manucci – 2011

04. Brioski – Last Day Here (Sportloto Juno Revenge Mix) – Nang – Aug 2012

05. Sohight – Fonk’ (Earl Grey Remix) – On The Fruit Records – Out soon

06. Future Feelings – Skylife – Los Grandes – Sept 3, 2012

07. Atlantic Conveyor – We are – Untracked – 2004

08. Finnebassen – Bleedin Out – House of Dikso – July 2012

09. Streets Are Alive With The Hounds Of Music – Hidden Track – Instruments Of Rapture – June 2012

10. Graymatter – seventh disco – Wolf Music Recordings – 2010


Special guest mix for the second hour…

Joseph TerruelBoogie Taipei 24 with Joseph Terruel (Mexico)


Joseph Terruel started producing music in 2009, crediting Disco, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop & R&B music as his early influences. He began to play local parties before producing his own music with self-taught piano and audio production techniques, something he describes as a personal expression on a very deep level. The result is a fusion of said styles of influence as well as deep house, beatdown disco, funk and minimal house music.