032 – Hi Life Wedding & DJ Bunjibeat (Taiwan)

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Metaformosis 32 with Hi Life Wedding & DJ Bunjibeat

Metaformosis house music radio show, all the music used in the first hour has been created by the freshest independent producers we have found each. With a guest mix from a top Asian based DJ in the second hour.


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For the first hour of this weeks show we have a real treat for you all. We have been blessed with the first ever airplay of a Super hot debut album created by a multi talented indie dance duo Hi-Life Wedding based here in Taipei Taiwan are an indie dance duo who have been collaborating with musicians, artists and promoters across the world in a multitude of events for a number of years.


Writer and producer (David Broman) uses a synth and MPC to create full, live-electronic sounds, heavy beats, and catchy melodies. Coupled with the warm undertones of the prettiest double bassist this side of the Mississippi (Kate Boehms), Hi-Life Wedding presents a complementing dichotomy of sounds and visuals. Their songs are layered and modern, but totally accessible. Kate’s airy and feminine voice adds balance to David’s distinctive, beat-like vocals. Hi-Life Wedding has performed on four continents and have just recently independently produced and released a debut album in their home away from home Taiwan, before hitting the road on a successful European tour.



Special guest mix for the second hour…

DJ Howard Lee