030 – Foolish Felix (UK)

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The last show in series 1 of the worldwide deep disco house music radio show BOOGIE TAIPEI, produced in 2 languages (English & Mandarin) at the liaoliao studios deep in the heart of New Taipei city.





Track listings for my mix in the first hour …


Intro. Faze Action – Moving Cities – Nuphonic

01. Vague Endeavour – Time Feels So Fast – Bust A Dub – 12 Nov 2012

02. Martin Eyerer & Sasse – Silver – Moodmusic – 19 Nov 2012

03. Ultracity – Stratosfär – Rollerboys Recordings – 2009

04. Sunset Village inc fn Moore – So real – Enzo Elia (ultradubabbestia edit) – Hey Yeah – Oct 2012

05. Bogdan Irkük a.k.a. BULGARI – Spirit – Rollerboys Recordings – 2011

06. Jack The Box – The Way We Walk (Original) – Moodmusic – Oct 2012

07. Ramboiage – Smile – Los Grandes – Oct 2012

08. Boogie Cartel – Love Games (Original Mix) – Midnight Riot – 5 Nov 2012

09. Sonicvibe – Wet Level – Unsigned

10. Oren Bi – Forever Kind – Wazi Wazi – 19 Nov 2012

11. Softmore – Love Letters – Los Grandes – 19 Nov 2012


Special guest mix for the second hour…


Foolish Felix (UK)


It’s tempting to concentrate on Felix’s Dickinson’s History, such as his days knocking about with the Tonka Soundsystem, his pre criminal justice act rave orchestration, his 10 years DJing for the Lifeforce parties in Japan or any of his DJing and touring achievements during the early formation of the UK House scene. But, to concentrate on any of these things is clearly missing the point.



Yes, Felix was making and playing music in those “early days”, but he has consistently championed underground music to this very day, whether via his myriad musical guises and aliases including Foolish and Sly, LHAS Inc, Das Etwas, Bastedos, and the soon to be revealed “Dedication” project, on labels like DFA, Eskimo, Rush Hour and International Feel… or through his own Label, Cynic Music.



It’s Felix’s absolute dedication to music, parties and dancing, which has allowed him to remain as relevant today as he ever was, and which has secured him regular appearances at festivals such as The Garden Festival, Burning Man and Glastonbury, regular tours of Japan, the USA and beyond as well as his London residencies at ‘Bad Passion’ and his own party, ‘Bring It’, which he hosts alongside the Idjut Boys.



Bizarre as it seems after such a lengthy involvement spent at the heart of the scene, despite everything he’s already achieved It still makes more sense to be excited about what Felix is going to next.