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Metaformosis 52 with DJ Eddie Hu

The final episode in the first series of the world wide dance music radio show Metaformosis. This episode is dedicated to the work of a good friend and music compare I have made since arriving here in Taiwan In “Eddie Hu”. In special thanks for all of the support over the past year. In the first hour this week I’m going to be taking you through a few of the releases from over the past few years by Eddie Hu and his label Revox records.


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Track listings for my mix in the first hour …


01. Lau Frank – Deep Pockets (Original Mix) – Revox Records 4

02. Chris Venola – Black (Original Mix) – Revox Records 22

03. Victor Yeh – The Wonderland (Original Mix) – Revox Various 1

04. Gabe DM – Povero Prete – Revox Records 16

05. Maxi Madrid – Purple And Red (Original Mix) – Revox Records 4

06. Blackmambo – Chicago (Original Mix) – Revox Various 4

07. Willo Schubarth – Keep On (Original Mix) – Revox Various 3

08. Eddie Hu – I Wanna Dance (Fiveon Remix) – Revox Records 21

09. Eddie Hu – Taoism (Wanghart Remix) – Revox Records 26

10. Jesse OO Roc – Vaporization (Original Mix) – Revox Records 11

11. Playane – My X-Base Soul ft. Mike Danna (Original Mix) – Revox Various 4

12. Babi Italy – Unitaria (Eddie Hu Remix) – Revox Records 34

Special guest mix for the second hour…

DJ Eddie Hu


Revox Records Label owner Eddie Hu, former frontman of Taiwanese band Lucy Overdrive how also produced under the name Enter Stereo is a music producer and DJ who has specialized in producing music for many years. Lucy Overdrive had a strong rock, pop influence and under the name Enter Stereo he produced trance music.



It was 2006 after founding legendary tech house label Revox Records Eddie has found himself fully focused on the tech house dance music scene. 35 deep tech house releases later, including 4 various compilations Eddie and Revox Records are firmly established worldwide as a label you can trust to deliver, releasing music from some of the worlds top underground dance music talent.



Eddie has this year released music on a number of labels around the world such as Nervous, Crossworld and Bullet Dodge and with a European tour in the planning for February 2013 and future releases ready in the pipeline the future looks bright and all of the hard work and effort is truly paying off.






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