001 – DJ Em Lee

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Touch is a weekly Wednesday night live music social club held alternate weeks in Taiwan’s two major cities. In Taipei the north of Taiwan the event starts at 8pm in the super smooth, lusciously relaxed personal atmosphere of ‘Tav Cafe – Taipei Artist Village’ and in the south we start at 10pm at the amazingly cool, ultra underground venue for true music lovers ‘Rocks’.

In Taipei resident DJ’s Wanghart & Digital D and Kaohsiung its Wanghart & Eddie Hu, each week taking you through a selection of newly released and soon to be released Dance Music. Mostly featured here in the Music section of the liaoliao.tw website.

Each week Touch invite a special guest DJ to join in and expose their style of music and individual mixing techniques.


Special guest DJ 17/07/13

Em Lee



In 1996, Em Lee aka Li’l Idjit cooperated with AB Koo to hold the first Taiwanese Drum and Bass Party (under Huazhong Bridge), in 1997 he joined forces with AB Koo.

In 1997, he has started his DJ career and being residency in a few famous dance clubs (Spin/@live+2F/Edge/Taichung Underworld Club/Rock Candy1+2/Kenting Moonlight/Summer aquarian/Lecturer in Hsinchu teenage prison)….. etc. He has co operated with various artists=666 (Ger), Takkyu Ishino (JP), UNI (JP), Dave Twomey (JP), D 19 (JP), Osamu M  (JP), A.J.Crypt (Rio Parade), Evil Nine (UK), Aphrodite (UK) , FUNK D’VOLD (UK) , Marco V (UK) , Hybrid (UK) , Howie B (UK), Zimbardo (UK), Jungle Brother (NY), Brian Mcguire (LA), Sky Lab (US), Tricky (UK)

In 2001 he studied Art at U.C.L.A. before taking the role of music director at Bucchus Lounge in Warner Village in 2003. In 2004 he was interviewed by English newspaper in Taiwan, Taipei Times. It was at this point he decided to study film directing at Beijing Film Academy. After graduation he worked in a PR company in Shanghai as production and creation department manager. He was later to perform in Beyonce’s concert in Beijing, Heineken party in Beijing and Tianjin and the opening dj in China Ice Hockey tournament and also included in several art festivals in Beijing, Fashion shows and car exposition (porsche/ Ferrari), not to mention the national day party of French Embassy in Beijing.

In March 2012, he came back to Taiwan and started to work in Roxy rock baras programme planner and production. He was a live recording director of Moonlight party in White house resort and guest dj of Monlight Party in Kenting, also the first Taiwanese guest dj in True Face Club in Phnom Penh. Now he is the one of the heads in Lazy cat music gathering which is held by every last sunday.



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