055 – Soundsquash (Taiwan)

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World renowned “Metaformosis show”, produced in 2 languages (English & Mandarin) at the liaoliao studios deep in the heart of New Taipei city. In the first hour each month The Wang mixes a selection of dance music created by the freshest independent producers he finds each week on internet website sound cloud mixed along with the odd promo he has received. For the second hour the show is host to an uninterrupted mix set from a top Asian based DJ.







Track listings for my mix in the first hour …

01. Sixth Avenue Express – The Age of Time

02. QuestionmarQ – Cosmic Helium – Vision Collective

03. Hibbert – Minds Trapped (Original Mix) – Revox records

04. South West Seven – Mels Pockets (OOFT Dub)

05. Arnaud Le Texier – Let’s Turn It Out (Bulletdodge Records)

06. Super Drug – Jack’s right

07. Tiam Wills – Mouvin (My NamE Remix)

08. Randy Heat – No Blueshelling – Champagne Records – Free

09. Futurewife – Fairlane – Free

10. The Noodleman – All platinum

11. Chaka Khan – Move Me (LNTG Rework) – Free

12. Heion – Wanderlust – Gazebo International

13. Dynamicron – Leave No Trace – Launching Satellites



Special guest mix for the second hour…


55 DJ Soundsquash












Born in the 1980’s (Frankfurt, Germany) Soundsquash grew up with lots of different musical influences. Influenced by Funk and Soul from the 70’s and 80’s and DJ Radio shows put together by many famous Dj’s. At that time Soundsquash want to become a DJ, so after saving all of his pocket money for at least 1 year he bought his first Turntables in the age of 13.


Inspiriert by 90’s House music he started to practise until he got his first gigs at the age of just 16, it was at this time that Soundsquash joined a Hip Hop group and started to work on Turntablism skills. The name Soundsquash was given to him by one of the Rapers and stands for squeezing out the best sound of the music. After playing successfully in all kinds of Clubs in the Rhein Main Region and in big events with more than 3000 people and after 5 years of playing Hip Hop Soundsquash was looking for a new challenge so he switched back to House music.


Soundsquash’s style is between Deep house, Minimal, Funk Soul, Jazz and Disco. Today Soundsquash played in venues in Germany, Spain and Taiwan. In 2009 he started together with his friends Al Burro and BB the Dj Team “Music for Cats”. Soundsquash always tries to have fun with the people and play the right record at the right time.


Catch Marco this coming weekend (April 20th) along side DJ’s Al Burro and Slowdownsound….



Track listings for guest mix in the second hour …

1. First Choice – Let no man put asunder

2. Iron Curtis -Thoughts On (2012 Mix)

3. Tuff City Kids – Bias

4. Soundstream – Inferno

5. Johannes Albert – Four Dawgs

6. Earl Flint – People hold on (Instrumental)

7. Rezkar – Above the clouds (Mystery Boy Edit W/ John Daly Beats)

8. Plenty Ammo – 335 Wizardry

9. Tyree – Nuthin Wrong

10. Borrowed Identity & The Mechanical Soul Brother – First Step

11. Moody – Freeki Mutha F cker (All I Need Is U)

12. Steffi – 24h

13. Ellis D – Just Like a Queen (Share the Throne Mix)

14. Alton Miller – Turning On

15. Loose Joints – Is it all over my face


First Aired…

Chinese version Saturday 23rd & 30th @ 2pm (UK Time) on udancecn.com

English version Saturday 23th & 30st @ 8pm (UK Time) on intersonik.net

English version Saturday 30th @ 7pm (UK Time) on boxfrequency.fm