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Touch is a weekly Wednesday night live music social club held alternate weeks in Taiwan’s two major cities. In Taipei the north of Taiwan the event starts at 8pm in the super smooth, lusciously relaxed personal atmosphere of ‘Tav Cafe – Taipei Artist Village’ and in the south we start at 10pm at the amazingly cool, ultra underground venue for true music lovers ‘Rocks’.

In Taipei resident DJ’s Wanghart & Digital D and Kaohsiung its Wanghart & Eddie Hu, each week taking you through a selection of newly released and soon to be released Dance Music. Mostly featured here in the Music section of the liaoliao.tw website.

Each week Touch invite a special guest DJ to join in and expose their style of music and individual mixing techniques.


Special guest DJ 29/01/14


DJ Kolette


From an early age Kolette has been a aivid music lover. She formed all female punk unit “HOTPINK” with her cousin when she was just a teenager, playing guitar in the band.

After performing at Taiwan’s premiere festivals like Formoz Fest and Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festival, Kolette began experimenting with varieties of musical genre, gradually shifted her focus to electronic music and its production.

Shortly after her band career she joined Tripper Records, and started collaborating with Child Disco’s DJ Kay. The duo performed with LIVE + DJ format that was rare in concept and catchy in musical style during the early 2000’s.

In 2008 Kolette officially begins her solo DJing career. Her musical style often travels between thick bass, rhythmic groove while still incorporating her early influences of indie-rock identity to create a unique style of her own.



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