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TOUCH @ TAV – LIVE @ 8PM – 08/21!!!


Touch is a weekly Wednesday night live music social club, starting at 8pm (Taiwan time) and held alternate weeks in Taiwan’s two major cities. In Taipei the north of Taiwan the event starts in the super smooth, lusciously relaxed personal atmosphere of ‘Tav Cafe – Taipei Artist Village’ and in the south we broadcast live from the new liaoliao.tw studios based in Kaohsiung.


TAV CAFE (Taipei Artists Village)


In Taipei resident DJ’s Wanghart & Digital D and Kaohsiung its Wanghart & Eddie Hu, each week taking you through a selection of newly released and soon to be released Dance Music. Mostly featured here in the Music section of the liaoliao.tw website.

Each week Touch invite a special guest D

J to join in and expose their style of music and individual mixing techniques.

Special guest DJ 08/21

Page DJ



Page is a DJ (Disc Joker) who started DJing In 2010 during the FIFA World Cup held in South Africa. He playing mainly in bars. He was introduced to the industry buy a DJ, also a Producer by the stage name of DJ Peace under Peace Entertainment. Page has been in the industry for almost 4years now. On the company he was recruited as a commercial house DJ, but as time goes by he discovered that he belongs to the deep house genre.


He was born in Swaziland, early 2011 relocatong to South Africa and came to Taiwan last year 2013. He doesn’t own much of DJing equipment but he does have the basic things a young DJ needs. Since he came to Taiwan has only played at 1001 night club. Page is versed in many styles of music such as Dance Hall Reggae, Electronic House, Commercial House, Kwaito (South African Hip Hop) and a little of Latin Caribbean Music but he still favors Deep House Music.



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