059 – Velvet Robot (Shanghai)

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World renowned “Metaformosis show”, produced in 2 languages (English & Mandarin) at the liaoliao studios deep in the heart of Kaohsiung city, in the south of Taiwan.


In the first hour each month Wanghart mixes a selection of dance music promotional music created by the freshest independent producers he finds each week on internet website sound cloud mixed along with the odd promo he has received. For the second hour the show is host to an uninterrupted mix set from a top Asian based DJ.



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liaoliao.tw – KAOHSIUNG

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Track listings for Wanghart mix in the first hour …


01. Crazy P – Walk Dance Talk Sing (Life On Planets Edit) – FREE

02. Medlar – juno – Riverette

03. Leaf Project – Spitfire – Apollo Music Group

04. Supervo – Usual Station – Tom Tom Disco

05. Lindstrom – Closing Shot – Smalltown Supersound

06. MacDonald Flak And The Ack Ack Pack – The Cortina Kidz (Factory Floor Remix) – Mr. Intl

07. This Soft Machine – It’s Operational (CHIDA Remix) – Eskimo Recordings

08. Sachrias & Aslak – Crescent feat. Saroa (Spin Science Dub) – Oh! Stockholm

09. Kito Jempere & Jay Shepheard – Deben Tide – Retrofit

10. David Lodge – Be – Flower Of Life


For more information and to listen to the releases featured in the show, head to the Magazine section…



Special guest mix for the second hour…

Velvet Robot

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Who is Velvet Robot?


As a synth music lover, she runs the Synth Crush! parties in Shanghai.
As a fan of disco, italo and spacey sounds she is part of the Discosmic Adventure crew, helping them host some of Shanghai’s sweatiest disco nights.


And as an award winning DJ (voted best DJ in Shanghai 2015 by the readers of City Weekend Magazine Shanghai), she’s proven her skills, taste and connection to the dance floor through sets that cover synth wave, minimal wave, techno, italo, house music in all its shades, disco, shoegaze, new wave, punk and stylish 80s dance hits.


She’s recently taken her love all things synth into live production/performance, with an all hardware set.


If your in Taipei you can catch Velvet Robot Playing Saturday night 30th July at Triangle…





Metaformosis 059 – Velvet Robot (Shanghai)

Show first aired July 19th 2016 / 3pm UK / 10pm Taiwan

Follow the link to the BoxfrequencyFM website…