002 – Earl Grey (England)

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Welcome one and all to a fresh new show, mixed and produced by me Wanghart, for my online music website liaoliao.tw, hosted by Boxfrequency.FM. Each month I’m going to be featuring a pick of the promos i receive at the liaoliao.tw headquarters in Kaohsiung City, here in Taiwan. New music released by some of the worlds top independent artists and labels. Music you wouldn’t normally get to hear out here in the far east. In the second hour of each show im hosting a special guest mix put together by a DJ rocking the scene over in the western hemisphere !



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liaoliao.tw – KAOHSIUNG

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Track listings for my mix in the first hour …

01. Dunmore Park – Shore (TTOMH)

August, 2016

02. Heion Feat Alena – In The Moment (ISM)

August, 2016

03. Some Chemistry, Unisol – Koudougou (URS)

April, 2016

04. Slow Hearts – Terralis (Constant Circles)

September, 2016

05. The 312 – Touch Your Body [Moodymann Dub] (Crosstown Rebels)

July, 2016

06. Dan Lissvik – M (Smalltown Supersound)

June, 2016

07. Pete Dafeet – Fear [Harry Wolfman Remix] (Supremus Records)

September, 2016

08. David Lodge – Smiles (Fruit Of Life)

August, 2016

09. David Lodge – Smiles [Culture Villè Remix] (Fruit Of Life)

August, 2016

10. Obalski – Wind S [Mascaras Gentle Breeze Dub] (Public Possession Germany)

September, 2016

11. Dathan Williams – Free 2 Love [Fred Everything Lazy dub] (Dum Rok)

August, 2016

12. Guri & Tatsu – Chicago at Night [Kyodai Mix] (Silence In Metropolis)

August, 2016


For more information and to listen to the releases featured in the show, head to the Magazine section…



Special guest mix for the second hour…

Earl Grey



Earl Grey is the project of Danny Ashenden, who’s other projects include being one half of ‘The C90s’ or half of the one time project with Daniel Avery ’Say Yes to Another Excess’.


Living in London, UK it was all born out of a need to channel his own ideas and output his own productions and sounds.


Having so far released EP’s on french label ‘La Belle’ & recently Justin Miller’s New York label ‘Have A Killer Time’ plus numerous remixes, and a jackin’ house single on Exploited with buddies PJU.



This year has seen the Earl release two more EP’s on London’s Muzik Box and Nein Records to much acclaim…



And he has just this month released his second remix with our Fruit Of Life label here at liaoliao.tw. A super sweet summer time rework of a David Lodge track titled smile. Im featuring two of the tracks from the Smile release in my mix in the first hour and we will hear Danny’s remix in the second hour.



Earl Grey mix recorded for my Boogie Taipei show a few years back…



Earl Grey

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Show was ‘On Air’ Tuesday 30th August / 3pm UK / 10pm Taiwan

BoxfrequencyFM website…