003 – Dos Attack (Spain)

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Welcome one and all to a fresh new show, mixed and produced by me Wanghart, for my online music website liaoliao.tw, hosted by Boxfrequency.FM. Each month I’m going to be featuring a pick of the promos i receive at the liaoliao.tw headquarters in Kaohsiung City, here in Taiwan. New music released by some of the worlds top independent artists and labels. Music you wouldn’t normally get to hear out here in the far east. In the second hour of each show im hosting a special guest mix put together by a DJ rocking the scene over in the western hemisphere !



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liaoliao.tw – KAOHSIUNG

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Track listings for my mix in the first hour …

01. Big Danny Kane – Octopussy

July, 2016 – Midnight Riot

02. Carlo – Azizi

Out soon ! – Organic Downbeat

03. Diesler – Entry

September, 2016 – A Little Something Recordings

04. Nortasun – Untitled 2

March, 2016 – Saft

05. Victor Eich – Sugar

September,2016 – Fruit Of Life

06. Charlie Don’t Surf – Forget About The Sun

April, 2016 – Einmusika Recordings

07. Fabian Kash – Lama

September, 2016 – Oh ! Records Stockholm

08. Edseven – Broadside (Beat Spacek Mix)

Out soon ! – Midnight Swim

09. Nick Monaco – Rolly Polly feat. Roland Harper

June, 2016 – Crew Love

10. D’Phault – Unverserht

July, 2016 – Constant Circles

11. Giom & Deeligent Soul – Undefined State (Giom Remix)

April, 2016 – Supremus


For more information and to listen to the releases featured in the show, head to the Magazine section…



Special guest mix for the second hour…

Dos Attack


Childhood friends Carlos and Andres had already decided they were going to create their own label all the way back when they first met . They were just 14 .



They have since become producers and dj´s and in 2014 created their own label ‘Riverette’ releasing music from some of the most acclaimed acts leading scene , including , Legowelt , Oskar Offermann , Medlar , Cliff Lothar ….



Whether its with their label , their dj sets or their production , the guys mission statement has remained the same…. To work with good music regardless the origin or genre, calling their taste eclectic is an understatement, more like hyperactive, jumping through styles while maintaining their roots firmly grounded on club music .



Dos Attack

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‘On Air’ Tuesday 27th September / 3pm UK / 10pm Taiwan

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