004 – Heion (Romania)

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Welcome one and all to a fresh new show, mixed and produced by me Wanghart, for my online music website liaoliao.tw, hosted by Boxfrequency.FM. Each month I’m going to be featuring a pick of the promos i receive at the liaoliao.tw headquarters in Kaohsiung City, here in Taiwan. New music released by some of the worlds top independent artists and labels. Music you wouldn’t normally get to hear out here in the far east. In the second hour of each show im hosting a special guest mix put together by a DJ rocking the scene over in the western hemisphere !



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liaoliao.tw – KAOHSIUNG

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Track listings for my mix in the first hour …

01. Steffen Kirchhoff – Gaia

August, 2016 – Serafin Audio Imprint

02. Slow Hands & Tanner Ross – Memories of Mallorca

February, 2016 – Crew Love

03. CFCF – Pleasure Centre (Pharaohs Remix)

July, 2016 – International Feel

04. Le Pamplemousse – Gimmie What You Got (Poolside Edit) FREE !!!

05. Vague Endeavour – You Will Show A Smile In Your Face

October, 2016 – Fruit Of Life

06. Amp Fiddler – Superficial (Mark E Remix)

October, 2016 – Midnight Riot

07. Inxxxwel – My Baba Baba Baba

Out soon  – Gator Boots

08. Soul Clap – Synthesizer Girlfriend ft. Ntem & HazMat Talkbox

October, 2016 – Crew Love

09. Situation – Stay With Me (5 Reasons Remix)

Out soon – Nang

10. Erotic City (Lyrestam’s Jackin’ 90’s Version)

October, 2016 – Clouded Edits

11. Carlo – There is no she

Out soon – Organic Downbeat

12. Paolo Iocca – Xing (N A Simoncino Afrikan Morning Remix)

Out soon – RA-1


For more information and to listen to the releases featured in the show, head to the Magazine section…



Special guest mix for the second hour…




Bucharest based musician, producer and DJ with a blending sound that varies from beatdown disco to electro funk and soul, with jazz influenced basslines.


He’s the kind of prolific artist that never fails to deliver a smooth combo between solid boogie grooves and downtempo beach vibes.


In the past 4 years, Heion has released several original EPs and singles; his work has been featured on compilations that showcased music from different genres, from disco to modern funk, from soul to house and everything in between.



I was lucky enough to work with Heion a few years back when setting up our Of Life in house labels here at liaoliao.tw and had the privilege of releasing an early originals single titled ’Roots’ on our Flower Of Life imprint.



He has collaborated with many artists in the industry, releasing two LPs of remixes featuring Eddie C, Rocco Raimundo, Escort’s bass player JKriv, Dicky Trisco, Soul Renegades (Craig Smith and Ricky Reid), to name just a few. His work also got support from artists like Satin Jackets, The C90s, Faze Action, Fingerman, Alexander Robotnick, Trujillo, Chris Coco and many more.



Heion has made remixes for international and local artists such as Amp Fiddler (US), Electric Brother and Cobzality (RO), Deekie and Rubberlips (UK), Dave Allison (CA), Futurewife and Hotbox (US).



He used the time he spent in the studio to gather fresh ideas and learn new techniques, which in turn took him to a place where his sound evolved musically and rhythmically; he has now found new ways and tools to send a positive musical message.



The recently released EP ‘In The Moment’ features Alena on the lead track and a remix by The Model.




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