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Host of the world renowned “METAFORMOSIS” dance music radio show and “BOOGIE TAIPEI” nu disco boogie, deep house radio show.






WANGHART大約於15歲時開始接觸混音,起因是由於父親所收藏的靈魂/放克/爵士唱片,幾年之後,他開始收集vinyl唱片,限量的eclectic lp’s, 7″ and 12″.90年代早期,最早接觸Hip Hop類型音樂;後期才開始嘗試製作浩室舞曲.1960~1980年代所流行的黑人靈魂爵士樂是他最喜歡的音樂類型.也是大部分的音樂製作的來源和靈感創作的根源.

1998年,他進大學之後學習音樂製作,也奠定了他的音樂創作基礎.他最早是受到早期法國的Pierre Schaeffer和 德國的Karlheinz Stockhausen與當代的Daft Punk啟發.

之後,他開始結合各種不同的樂器,製作實驗性音樂.在英國時,他曾在當地及倫敦各大夜店當任駐場DJ,更積極的參與歐洲的各項音樂活動,甚至在他發行 Ineffable EP時,至義大利宣傳演出.


Wanghart has been mixing records in his mid teens after his dad handed down to him his old Soul, Jazz, Funk and Disco Boogie record collection. Over the years he has continued to add to this collection of vinyl, picking up old rare eclectic lp’s, 7″ and 12″ along with up to minute dance pressings of House, Techno, Drum and Bass and Hip Hop. In the early 90’s he was mad for Hip Hop, constantly bugging his friends with hot new tracks he had discovered but by the mid to late 90’s he started to favor House and Dance music. All the while loving the good old Boogie beats and Soul flavours from his parents’ generation. The boogie music has always been his main inspiration and this is where he took the majority of the samples for an early disco house edits EP he created between 1999 to 2004 titled Ineffable.

In 1998  he studied music production at university. The grounding was set here upon studying the two early schools of electronic composition, Pierre Schaeffer with musique concrète and Karlheinz Stockhausen with Elektronische Musik. Inspired by the practice of Pierre Schaeffer’s musique concrète and heavily influenced by the latest dance act to hit the music world Daft Punk. He started to experiment with the sound he loved so much.

It was studying at university where Wanghart got the chance to start playing around with sound on various bits of equipment and he has not stopped since. Before moving to Taiwan he had played regular slots in his local area and from time to time picked up residencies in and around london, not too mention a host of events across Europe, headlining and event in Italy when promoting his Ineffable EP.


搬到台灣之後,Wanghart繼續他的使命:持續將他發現的好音樂發揚光大,所以他開始錄製全球性的電子音樂節目METAFORMOSIS , 於intersonik.net電台播放。每個禮拜第一個小時,他將介紹世界各地新興獨立製作人所製作的音樂,第二個小時,客座DJ則是精選亞洲最有潛力之DJ,為各位聽眾帶來兩個小時不斷電的好音樂。這個節目播出之後,廣受好評,也成功地使他受到英國luckysoulradio.com的邀約而錄製另一個節目──Boogie Taipei。從2012年7月開始,Wanghart即將為中國電子音樂線上電台”電音中國”(udance radio)製作中文版的METAFORMOSIS以及Boogie Taipei。


他目前於許多地方擔任客座DJ並於台灣的許多活動中有演出的機會;也重新混音Eddie Hu的Taoism,並於台灣的REVOX RECORDS發行。之後,也會陸續有更多的音樂發表。


On arrival in Taiwan Wanghart made it his mission to continue to spread the super deep, cool smooth sounds he discovers and so created the worldwide dance music radio show Metaformosis on radio. Each week he introduces fresh new music created by the worlds hotest independent artists in an hour long mix and then guests an hour long mix from a top Taiwanese DJ. The show has been extremely successful and has led to him creating yet another show, Boogie Taipei for online station From July 2012 Wanghart is producing a second edit of both Metaformosis and Boogie Taipei shows to be aired on a dance station in China, this version of the show will be hosted in Mandarin.

With help of a group of good friends he has recently started a new project an online music magazine covering the latest dance music releases, this will run in tandem with two small independent record labels by where the fresh new artists he is finding for his radio show can release their works.

He’s played at a host of venues and festivals across Taiwan in his short time here as well as a couple of gigs in Japan.

He has produced a remix for Eddie Hu’s track Taoism, released on Taiwan record label Revox Records and is working on more music for release in the near future.